The Controversial of Sex

Sex is a highly controversial subject. Many discussions about sex are hyped both in a secular or religious aspect. Debates are continuous, and everyone has some say. Caution! If you are narrow-minded or intolerant, then I suggest you stop reading this blog. Otherwise, please be my guest. Why Sex is so controversial? We are here... Continue Reading →

How do you dress up?

One good way of comforting one's self is dressing up. I mean it. Life isn't perfect, but your outfit can be! I'm not a fashion guru nor a fashionista, but I admit I like to dress up to comfort myself when life is hitting me badly. Cheering myself means beautifying myself! Most of us men... Continue Reading →

HPV 66, is it Deadly?

My Story of HPV 66.. I am diagnosed having human papillomavirus number sixty-six - HPV 66. Being a woman is not as easy as some think. Emotional, physical, mental, name the aspect, there will be adversity.  I usually take oral pills as prescribed by my doctor to manage my existing hormonal imbalance. Until one day,... Continue Reading →

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