5 Things I Struggled with After School

I'm grateful today because I was still able to complete my school despite the lack of resources back then. I completed my grade school and high school in government-run academia in Mabalacat City while completed my degree in a private-catholic university in Angeles City, both in the Philippines. The schools I attended provide outstanding quality... Continue Reading →

9 Ways to Amplify Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one own abilities, judgments, and qualities. Having self-confidence means that we are coherent when taking a course of action regardless of our situation. It is vital to keep and maintain our self-confidence. Having the right amount of self-confidence lets us experience liberty from negative thoughts about ourselves. It... Continue Reading →

The Controversial of Sex

Sex is a highly controversial subject. Many discussions about sex are hyped both in a secular or religious aspect. Debates are continuous, and everyone has some say. Caution! If you are narrow-minded or intolerant, then I suggest you stop reading this blog. Otherwise, please be my guest. Why Sex is so controversial? We are here... Continue Reading →

4 Secrets How to Control Anger

There is a saying that 'even the nicest people have their limits', and who would not agree on this? You do good things and you'll get the crappiest crap response ever. I felt this not once, not twice, but many times. In different situations, in different occasions and the least I expect, it is there!... Continue Reading →

The ‘How’ of Time Management

Nowadays, most employers expect employees to be capable multitaskers. They want to hire someone who is adaptable and has a "can-do" attitude toward whatever task the company requires. However, I believe that time management is a more critical skill for an employee or applicant than multitasking. What is Time Management? Time management is an approach... Continue Reading →

Are You at Your Breaking Point?

'Everybody has a breaking point. It's tough to ignore the impulse to respond with anger.’ - Andrew Shaffer Are You at Your Breaking Point? It’s hard to control anger and annoyance, especially when you are already at your breaking point. I have experienced these many times. You start questioning things, the people around you, yourself,... Continue Reading →

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