10 Inspiring Quotes About Daddy

One of the best and honorable jobs is being a Dad! Letting our father knows how much we love them and how important they are in our lives makes this job more highly rewarding. Therefore, I have collected some inspiring and motivating quotes that can truly move our hearts and remind us how much we... Continue Reading →


Family is the building block of our society. Here are five inspiring Bible verses that talk about family. How we can contribute, help, and love! I love reading these repeatedly because it reminds us how fragile family is and how priceless it can be at the same time! Pin Me, coz Sharing is Caring. Thank... Continue Reading →

10 Food Commandments

Food brings us together. It promotes positive connections despite different cultures, traditions, personalities, etc. We can easily express our love and happiness to our families and friends through food. Lunch-outs, dinner dates, we even cook at home for a sweet get-together, celebrating the beauty of togetherness and solidarity. That’s how vital food to us! But wait, here are... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

During the end month of each year - December, people are all excited to celebrate Christmas. Plans and checklists are uniquely made for December 24-25; what to cook, what to buy for gifts, what to decorate, what theme of the party, what dress to wear, and many more endless activities and events. But why do... Continue Reading →

Unbelievable Story about Surrogacy

A video has caught my attention perhaps because of my situation. Yes, I am curious about surrogacy. I think this is one of the subjects in our global society which is still considered as a taboo and most of the people (especially religiously categorized individuals) may condemn this way of having a child due to some... Continue Reading →

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