15 Ways to Practice a Growth Mindset

When a person has a growth mindset when they recognize that their abilities can still be developed, it is crucial to everyone to have a growth mindset to become a better and better person every day. It is absurd for an individual to change the world to make it better, but changing ourselves as an... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Struggled with After School

I'm grateful today because I was still able to complete my school despite the lack of resources back then. I completed my grade school and high school in government-run academia in Mabalacat City while completed my degree in a private-catholic university in Angeles City, both in the Philippines. The schools I attended provide outstanding quality... Continue Reading →

6 Types of Trustworthy Employees

The old proverb goes, "No man is an island." I wholeheartedly agree. You need someone by your side at some point to support you, cheer you up, guide you, and basically befriend you even at work. A genuine person who you recognize as having your back. However, it is difficult to trust someone today, especially... Continue Reading →

6 Types of Toxic Employees to Avoid

Why Should You Avoid Toxic Employees? We all have that incredible coworker who makes us wonder how our lives would be without them at work. It makes our working environment easy, exciting, and competitive. However, some coworkers can give us headaches and turn our world upside down. Therefore, it's more practical to say that we... Continue Reading →

The ‘How’ of Time Management

Nowadays, most employers expect employees to be capable multitaskers. They want to hire someone who is adaptable and has a "can-do" attitude toward whatever task the company requires. However, I believe that time management is a more critical skill for an employee or applicant than multitasking. What is Time Management? Time management is an approach... Continue Reading →

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