Best Ways to Strengthen Your Soul

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch.

In various religious, philosophical, and mythological traditions, the soul is the eternal essence of a living being. On a personal note, I believe that the soul is a sacred connection between yourself and the Creator that can significantly impact your inner and outer aspects of being.

What’s the importance of the soul?

It’s an enigma that many of us want to solve. But unfortunately, most people assume that when we talk about the soul, we automatically speak of religion or something similar. And they aren’t particularly open in such conversations, including me.

But first, what’s the importance of the soul? To obtain long-term well-being, we must recognize the significance of the body, mind, and soul and how they interact to create our overall well-being. For instance, a healthy body keeps you active and sound, while a healthy soul keeps you happy, satisfied, and fulfilled.

It is critical to strengthen our souls because, whether you are religious or not, your soul will be your powerful asset in responding to both positive and negative elements around us.

As a result, I’ve become more open in conversations like this. I’d also love to strengthen my soul to light my path and hopefully encourage others to do the same because you matter. 

So, let me share with you the best ways to strengthen your soul. Let’s dig into them!

8 Best Ways to Strengthen Your Soul

1. Disconnecting from technology

Disconnecting from technology appears simple, but it is relevant and vital. We live in a high-tech era, and even a few months old baby is captivated by technology. Unknowingly, we have become more attached to our devices than ourselves, our families, and friends.

For instance, having an hour a day without using a device can strengthen our souls. How? Disconnecting from technology entails returning to the fundamentals. As simple as taking a 15-30 minutes walk to reconnect with nature. Have a constructive conversation with your partner or a member of your community. Alternatively, as simple as watering some plants. The point is, when you are in primary mode, you can do so much more to improve your soul.

2. Practicing gratitude

I always advocate practicing gratitude. Most of the time, we are caught in corners because of our worries about many things. These worries lead us to forget how to appreciate and become thankful for the countless blessings we already have. 

As soon as you wake up, give thanks! Always appreciate the time you were able to rest and enjoy the new chance of waking up. Give thanks to the challenges you face every day because these challenges are proof that you exist and have a purpose. Look at them as puzzles that are waiting to be solved by a brilliant person like you! Thank you for being you. You are constantly striving to improve. You were able to overcome unexpected challenges.

If you believe in God, as I do, always thank Him for His love and mercy on us.

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3. By reading

William Godwin said ‘He that loves reading has everything within his reach.’ Reading wisdom books or any books that interest you is a good practice. Every book has its own story that can help to strengthen your soul. Books contain knowledge that can energize you and inspire you to grow.

Reading is an excellent exercise for our brain. It tickles our imagination, thoughts, and beliefs. These imaginations, ideas, and beliefs are crucial in strengthening our souls.

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4. Watching films and shows that enlighten and strengthen the soul

It may sound odd, but watching films and shows can help you strengthen your soul. There are films and shows like documentaries or talk shows that will help you understand the history, present, and future. In addition, some shows have vital open conversations on various topics like faith, personalities, cultures, and many other relevant ideas.

Some of my recommended shows and films:

  • DW Documentaries
  • Super Soul Sunday by Oprah
  • I-Witness
  • PK (Indian Movie)
  • Mimi (Indian Movie)
  • Speeches of Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Note: This blog is NOT paid or Sponsored by any of the brand mentioned.  The aim is to share you some of my favorite applications which you might already been using or want to use and try.

5. Associating with People who are rich in wisdom

“Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” as this Greek saying states. Thus, if we associate ourselves with people rich in wisdom, there’s a considerable possibility of gaining knowledge and understanding from them and improving our souls. Similarly, we associate ourselves with like-minded people who seek to strengthen their souls.

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6. Practicing reflection

Practicing reflection is vital in strengthening our souls because it is a way to check and balance within ourselves. There are times that we have discussions that unknowingly or unintentionally hurt others. There are moments that we utter words that can bring pain to our loved ones. Reflection is essential in nourishing our souls – did you do any kindness today? If not, what can you do or make to become better? How can you maintain a new good habit? How can you be calmer when listening to someone with whom you disagree? How can you gracefully control your anger?

7. Listening to music that enriches the soul

A friend of mine once said that there is permissible and not permissible music, religiously speaking. During my teenage years, I also recall one of my Bible studies that I was told not to listen to music that entices worldly affairs but rather listen to songs that enrich the soul and make me remember God.

When I checked the songs I had listened to, I was astounded. Some of them do, in fact, entice worldly affairs. And you will get lost if you do not pay attention and simply jive with the melody.

8. Giving

Giving is making a difference. Giving, I believe, is essential for soul nourishment because it allows us to become selfless. Giving allows us to avoid being self-centered. Instead, it enables us to become a source of relief for others. And it is something that our souls need to reach true happiness, contentment, and a sense of purpose. So, I’d like to encourage you to give. To share whatever you have with those who are less fortunate or in need.

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To Conclude

Faithfully speaking, strengthening our souls entails nurturing our unique relationship with the Almighty God. 

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.” – Proverbs 16:24

Strengthening our souls, also, is a way of life. It is a way of life in which we choose to mature and pursue true happiness, peace, and purpose.

Strengthen Your Soul -
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