5 Amazing Places to Visit in Angeles City

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Angeles City My Beautiful Hometown.

Angeles City is a small urban city situated in Central Luzon, Philippines. It is the place where my heart is. I was born and grew up in this place. Angeles city has had a significant impact on my life. So, I’m happy to give you my five recommended places to visit first, if you are bound to the City of Angels in Pampanga, Philippines.

5 Amazing Places to Visit in Angeles City

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#1. Angeles Heritage District

The Angeles Heritage District is a place featuring Museo ning Angeles and Santo Rosario Church. Angelenos are known for being religious and God-fearing people. You will see the beautiful ‘Holy Rosary Parish’ which illustrates the exquisiteness of Filipino history in Angeles during Spanish colonial government.

At the back, it has a calm prayer room which I usually visit. The Holy Rosary Parish church is in front of 1920’s Museo ning Angeles which exhibits about the area’s history, including dioramas of traditional life in Pampanga. Near these two wander places, you will see the Holy Angel University (my alma mater) which is one of the best universities in the Philippines and home of the Center for Kapampangan Studies.

I had so many happy and sad memories in this area. It’s a pretty memorable place for me.

Courtesy of lungsodngangeles

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#2. Bayanihan Park

Bayanihan Park is formerly known as Astro Park which is the home of the famous ‘Salakot Arch’. Salakot Arch is a giant native Filipino hut which was built during the time of former Pres. Ferdinand Marcus to honor the revision of the Military Bases Agreement between the Philippine and USA government in 1979.

The park offers conventional places where you can perform a variety of recreational activities and sports. It is being managed by SM City Clark Mall which you can also visit. It is only 3-5 minutes walk away from the park.

Courtesy of lungsodngangeles

#3. Walking Street (Fields Avenue)

Walking Street is a place dubbed as ‘Sin City’ and was described as the ‘Entertainment Capital of Central Luzon’ because it houses large and small scale pub houses, bars, and nightclubs.

It is an eye-opener of what a real-life underground is hence I recommend you checking out this place. You will see how the material world masks happiness in the faces of the workers behind their day-to-day challenges. You will see the beauty of the ‘Red Light’ which entices people to have fun but leads to a terrifying different world. Now, if you will visit here, then visit with high caution, guys!

Nightlife starts around five in the afternoon until four in the morning the next day. While the street is also open during the regular daylight hour, there are only a few restaurants and pubs that open between nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. There are souvenir shops and stalls too.

The best souvenir shop though is 5-7 minutes away from the Walking street. The shop is called Rosas Philippines Handicraft. You will find beautiful and fascinating handmade wood crafts and are of friendly prices.

Courtesy of sakamotohidemi

#4. Clark Airbase (Clark Freeport and Special Economic Zone).

In Angeles City, you may also visit Clark Airbase, this is a former base of the US Air force and now being managed by Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BDCA). It is where the famous International Hot Air Balloon Festival is usually held during the months of February.

It is also the location of beautiful parks such as Airforce City Park, Clark Air Base Bicentennial and Recreational Park, Clark Parade Grounds and more. It is also becoming a business hub since you will find a lot of BPO companies here, and other industrial companies.

Clark Airbase is also the home of Clark International Airport. Many foreign and local tourists use this airport because of the convenience of its location. It’s only 2 hours away to Manila and 3-4 hours away if you go to the north of Luzon.

Courtesy of rjgaro

#5. Anunas

If you are into Korean cuisine and want to try Korean delicacies, love cultural wood carvings and rattan crafts, then Anunas is a best place to visit. Anunas is known as Korean Town, because it houses a lot of Korean restaurants and other Korean establishments. The place also offers a variety of woodwork products for souvenirs and useful and decorative home and office fixtures.

Courtesy of mark.baldomir

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Travel Tips in these Areas:

  • Best to travel in Angeles City during the months of October to February.
  • Always be mindful with your belongings, don’t leave them unattended.
  • Keep some coins for tipping.
  • It’s safer not to engage with beggars, politely say no. If you feel the call to give, then simply give.
  • Before buying from street vendors, be cautious.
  • Another best shop to buy souvenirs is in SM City Clark, inside the department store called Kultura. There are other boutiques in the mall that offer usable souvenirs too.
  • If you are a solo traveler or couples, I suggest you experience riding a tricycle. You can negotiate and rent them for a day so you can tour around the area without the hassle of transferring public transport to another. I would say, 1,000PHP (21 USD) is fair for 5-6 hours roaming around, but you can always be generous.
  • Don’t flash your cards or cash.
  • Don’t wear golds or expensive accessories.
  • You may also rent Blue taxis since they are cheaper. Tricycles are not allowed inside Clark Airbase.
  • Kapampangan is the home language, but mostly speaks Tagalog and can speak in English.

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There you have it, Lounger! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as I am penning it and had good inputs. Plan a trip and visit the City of Angels, you will find affordable hotel and accommodations at Agoda or TripAdvisor. Make sure to add the above 5 recommended places to visit and let me know your experiences.

Have a happy and safe trip, Lounger!

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Hey Lounger! If you felt that you’d also love to blog and share compelling stories, you can start from HERE!

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