5 Phrases that are Romantic than “I Love You”

Romantic phrases, what are they?

Hey gents, this is my open letter to you. Yes, we ladies also believe that “action speaks louder than words,” but we are looking for both. It’s natural. Honestly, sometimes speaking the right words can make your life easier. For us ladies (in general), we want to have a romantic partner who gives us a sense of security, self-esteem, and love for ourselves by action and words.

You need more than ‘I Love You’ when speaking. So gents, here are my top five simple yet romantic phrases you need to help keep up the fire in a passionate relationship than saying “I love you.”

5 Phrases that are Romantic than “I Love You”

#5. “Let’s have coffee”.

Who doesn’t love coffee? or perhaps tea! It’s a sweet melody to your lady’s ears if you invite them to have coffee or tea. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. A simple time-out will definitely do. This phrase means that you are inviting her to have quality time with you.

It’s a time to share her stories, from work, from your household, pretty much everything under the sun. It feels good when there is someone always ready to listen. Yes, we do have girlfriends to share things with, but of course, as a woman, we also want to share quality time and talks to our man!

It gives a sense of belonging, and it fills the emotional needs. And yes, she is also ready to listen to your stories and challenges. After all, this is the reason why you are partners to support each other. See how a simple coffee date becomes a means of a quality bond? Have the habit of asking your lady for a coffee or tea date.

#4. “Hey my sexy kitty”.

It means complimenting your partner. Throw her silly, funny yet sweet compliments. This doesn’t literally mean you shall call her kitty, but be creative.

This will encourage her more to be the best for herself and you. It only proves that you never stop admiring your lady regardless of what physical appearance or changes she may have. This is important, especially when she is going through physical changes because of pregnancy, health issues, and other factors.

Call her sweet bunny, candy, hot momma, boxer dropper, etc. It doesn’t matter as long as it comes into your heart. I bet she will let you watch that football game!

#3. “How’s my baby?”.

Promptly, have the habit of checking your lady, regardless of how busy you are at work. Find time to call her up or send a message checking her. It means a lot to her.

This is giving importance to her. It means that she is so dear, and you always want to make sure that she is safe, feels good, and you are ready to be there for her. It means she’s on top, and she’s number one to you. It helps you strengthen the foundation and trust of security and assurance.

Reminder, this is a bit tricky. Make sure to do this in moderation so your lady won’t feel like a prisoner.

#2. “Good morning, Smarty”.

How can I be more obvious on this? Compliments aren’t costly & inexpensive. But absolutely highly valuable in a relationship. It makes it more romantic and sparkling. If you will not compliment your lady, who else will? She might end up getting these compliments from someone else, which may result in something you will never like.

So, never get tired of giving compliments to your partner, to you lady. It will also encourage her to reciprocate and push her to give you an extra special surprise when you come home from work.

#1. “I need you”.

A short yet compelling phrase. It means that she completes you. It fires up both emotional and physical intimacy, which you will hate to lose. It supports all sorts of needs in a romantic relationship. “I need you” means that you want everything of her; love, understanding, warmth, praise, nurture, criticism, sex, attention.

My Takeaway

I understand that some men are still afraid of showing off their emotions. But the truth of the matter is that you are becoming more than a man when you let your woman see and feel your emotions towards her. Love enhances both partners’ lives in the relationship, and when two people are in love, their emotions are at an ecstasy, which creates an unbroken connection and intimacy.

As a woman, I can say, it feels good seeing my man leading our relationship, taking ownership in keeping up the fire burning. It’s sweet and overwhelming when my man never stops courting me. Take my advice, and it will make your life easier.

5 Phrases that are Romantic than “I Love You” - 52StirsLounge
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