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HPV and cancer are not a joke - 52StirsLounge

HPV and cancer are not a joke

Most adult men and women will contract the HPV (human papillomavirus) at some point in their lives. Although, the majority of those infections will not result in cancer. However, understanding the facts about HPV and the HPV vaccine can assist you in protecting yourself and your family from HPV-related cancers like cervical cancer.

Ambush Tour in Oman -

Ambush Tour in Oman

It happened in the year 2016. I went on an ambush tour in Oman in May and August. I was a tourist in the United Arab Emirates and had to change my visa status twice. Previously, if a tourist in the UAE wanted to extend their tourist visa, they had to leave the country and… Continue Reading →


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To be able to inspire and help, especially our loved ones and those we care about, we must prioritize our own wellness. Nurturing our wellness entails caring for ourselves on the inside and out. We will focus on spiritual, mental, physical, and social wellness on this blog.

Happiness, in my opinion, is a self-induced choice and acceptance. This section contains stories about self-strives and battles that resulted in spiritual, mental, physical, and social wellness. Come with me! Learn more!


Life is short, so travel to live deeper! This travel section is a collection of trips and walkabouts that open my eyes to seeing our world’s true beauty. Discovering the diversity of culture, traditions, and beliefs is one great adventure for oneself. Read. Travel. Become. Find more!


One of my passions is food. I’m not a chef, but I enjoy preparing, cooking, and tasting cuisine to learn about different cultures, traditions, and contrasts. Join my quest for home cooking! Learn easy-to-make recipes. Absolutely homemade with love, which you can also cook and share with your loved ones. Cooking can bring togetherness. Discover more!

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